Saving time on tasks with automation can mean a lot to a small business owner. Streamlining a few small business processes can free up a lot of time for you to scale your business and save money in the long run.

Here are six simple ways to take ownership of your time today.


Automating your marketing efforts will save you time and money. Make a marketing plan for each quarter and then list out the tasks in a way that’s not overwhelming. For example, if you want to offer a discount on your services, you would first build the landing page or the blog post.

Then you would schedule the social media posts for the quarter in one sitting. Next, schedule the emails and any social media advertising you will do to promote your discount.

Doing all of this at the start of the quarter means you only have to check in on your efforts for the next three months.


Consumers expect lightning-fast shipping options in today’s market. Whether your customers are B2C or B2B, deliverables should be sent in a timely manner. The exact percentage of mail lost by USPS can’t be tracked, but it’s estimated to be at least 5%.

That’s a high percentage to risk your small business’s reputation on. Using a fast and reliable shipper like PigeonShip can save you a lot of time and headache.

Getting lost in poor customer service reviews can take away precious hours that you could spend on other areas of your workflow.

IT and Network Security

Even if you are well-versed in tech and network security, hiring a firm to handle this part of your business saves you a load of time. Managed IT services keep you compliant with all the latest rules and also service your hardware and make sure that everything is always up and running.

You’ve got one shot to make a repeat customer. Your website being down or not being able to take payment via card at the register can sour that experience. Instead of handling all of this yourself, let someone else do the heavy lifting to minimize the stress and time spent on IT.


VoIP systems can cost 40% less than a traditional small business phone system, and they offer much more customization options. Managing voicemails and calls on your personal phone, business phone, and any other contact stream can take a lot of time out of your day.

Having a VoIP system installed saves massive amounts of time and cuts down on customer frustration. You won’t miss their communication, and you also won’t be tracking down those communications across several systems.

Invest in Employees

Investing in skill development for your employees means you have a staff that you can delegate things to. They gain the benefit of learning more skills and you gain a seasoned employee that can help you run your business at a higher level.

Investing time and energy into your employees now means better retention and having a small, well-trained staff. It will delight your customers because everything they need can be handled by your expert staff.

Manage Your Money

One of your biggest assets as a small business owner is your money. Banks know this, so they sometimes charge you for services that you do not need. Ask your financial institution for a bank analysis statement.

This will break down any service charges found in your monthly statement. You can assess those services one by one and see if they are needed for your business to run. Another way to manage your money is to work with your insurance provider and merge all of your policies together for a better rate you can pay yearly. In other words, set it and forget it.

Figuring out how to simplify small business processes is hard. Shipping doesn’t have to be. Contact PigeonShip today to see how we can make this part of your business easier today.

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