As e-commerce sales continue to grow, more online stores need to find same-day shipping for small businesses that help them save money while keeping customers happy.


Save Money by Reducing Shipping Materials

Many shipping solutions cannot ensure the safety of your products. As a result, you need to use excessive packaging materials. Depending on the product your customer orders, you might feel like you need to protect the item with packing peanuts, cardboard, foam sheets, and bubble wrap.

Reducing the amount of packaging you use will make shipping more affordable. Of course, you don’t want to risk your items getting damaged during delivery. You can avoid that problem by choosing a direct, local shipping option like PigeonShip. As an extra benefit, you end up using fewer products that harm the environment!


Reuse Shipping Containers and Materials

Your e-commerce store does more than send packages out to customers. Companies also send items to your location. Don’t recycle the shipping containers and materials they use to send you products. (And definitely do not throw them away!)

Reusing shipping containers and materials is the easiest way to cut your packaging costs. Why purchase more cardboard boxes and bubble wrap from a store when it comes to you in daily packages?


Offer Customers a Variety of Shipping Options

Some types of shipping cost more than others. The differences become obvious when you look at delivery services from organizations like USPS. Sending a 10-ounce package using USPS’s First-Class Package Service will cost a little over $4. Using Priority Mail increases the shipping price to nearly $13.

Not all of your customers care how quickly they get their packages. Let them choose cheaper options so you can lower costs without upsetting them. Not surprisingly, many of today’s consumers want same-day shipping. 

They also don’t want to pay a lot of money for convenience. PigeonShip offers same-day shipping for small businesses at affordable rates, so you can keep costs low while meeting customer expectations.


Offer Free Shipping for Orders Over a Dollar Amount

Making shipping affordable involves more than lowering prices. You can also make shipping solutions more budget-friendly by encouraging customers to spend more money when ordering from your e-commerce store.

Set a dollar amount that you want your customers to meet before you offer them free shipping. The amount that you expect them to spend can depend on several factors, such as the types of items you sell and how much your shipping solution costs.

Ideally, you should look at the average price of your items and set the dollar amount above that number. For example, if your clothes sell for about $70 per item, offer free shipping for orders over $100. That will encourage people to buy more so they can avoid the cost of shipping.

Often, you will find that the additional items don’t add much – if any — money to your shipping costs, making it easy for you to cover delivery while earning more money.


Partner With PigeonShip for Same-Day, Budget-Friendly Delivery

Enjoy affordable, same-day delivery without the hassle of hiring employees. PigeonShip uses a hyper-local model to give you fast, inexpensive shipping that you and your customers can track from the moment packages leave your e-commerce store until they reach their destinations.

Fast, reliable shipping reflects positively on your brand. Increase customer loyalty while saving money by signing up for a PigeonShip account.

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