Delivery will never be the same

Retailers both big and small are increasingly moving toward “localized” On-demand same-day delivery solutions like PigeonShip with large “on the way” crowdsourced driver networks – those people already going in the general direction of wherever a package needs to be delivered. Using an ‘Uber-like’ mobile app, independent drivers sign up—and get paid—for “gigs” or part-time delivery assignments of their choosing. By tapping into shoppers, commuters, and other drivers already out on the roads, but who also happen to be in close proximity to multitudes of stores or warehouses that need items delivered to customers locally, we have quite literally positioned our ‘Pigeons’ along the most common routes between retailers and the local communities they serve.

The more Eco-friendly solution

With the “on the way” model, drivers already heading in the right direction of where a package needs to be delivered are able to utilize their vehicle’s extra space in a way that makes them money – on a drive they were already taking regardless! It’s the future of delivery, with the flexibility to handle a huge range of package sizes and travel distances, at a much lower cost than traditional methods. A “faster, more efficient delivery model that fundamentally improves the economics of distribution,” that’s giving businesses – and their customers – the benefit of optionality, flexibility, and scalability.

Highly customizable to fit your needs

Another advantage of this model is in handling surges in business, such as peak season shopping, when forecasting demand – and need for delivery resources – can be problematic at best. “Our crowdsourcing model succeeds because we can deploy just-in-time resources at the time of need, because that latent capacity in our network is already on the road. As delivery volume goes up, the number of active drivers in our system goes up as well – while delivery times and costs remain the same.” Chains, optimized for fast, efficient same-day final-mile delivery to homes and businesses, are able to adapt and adjust in real-time with the changes in delivery volume.

It’s time…

Ready to see how PigeonShip can take your business to the next level? Would you like to try out our service without having to spend a single penny? We believe in the benefit and quality of our system so much, we’ll deliver any package of your choice anywhere you want (within reason, of course) completely free of charge with no further obligation to you whatsoever! To book your free delivery simply go to our Free Demo page and use the ‘Book Now’ button to schedule a demonstration at a time of your choosing. If you’d like to talk with our specialists to discuss your specific shipping and delivery needs, give us a call at 84-GO-PIGEON (844-674-4366) or visit our Contact page to send us a message.

Until then, just remember – “Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip!”

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