How Classifieds Delivery Works

Find an Item

Locate the item you want to purchase on KSL Classifieds, or any other classifieds service. Simply reach out to the Seller to negotiate your price.

You'll want to gather the Seller's:

  • Email or Mobile;
  • Item Pickup Address.

Make an Offer

Click anywhere that says Deliver My Purchase. Enter the details in preparation to make the offer. You can use a credit card or debit card to make both the purchase and pay to have it delivered. This is all accomplished in one step.

Prior to making the official offer you'll see a total that will include the purchase price + shipping. PigeonShip will hold all funds until you are satisfied with the purchase.

Item Delivered

You will be contacted by a Pigeon Driver. The Driver will pickup your item and deliver your item.

You will have the ability to observe the condition of your item in the presence of the driver. You can always return the item for only $5.



Find an item on any classifieds website, make your offer, get it delivered.

  • No spending money on gas to meet sellers;
  • No wasting time traveling to look at items;
  • Buy items regardless of distance;
  • Return items for $5 if item does not match description;
  • Use a debit or credit card and PigeonShip facilitates the rest.


Offer PigeonShip in description, accept any offer, get paid automatically.

  • Market for potential buyers is 10x bigger;
  • Value of item is greater with more potential buyers;
  • Don't waste time meeting uncommited or indecisive buyers;
  • Now you can accept credit or debit cards;
  • Sit back and let offers come to you via text and email;
  • Withdraw your funds anytime from PigeonShip.

About PigeonShip

PigeonShip is, and always will be the innovator of crowdsourced pick-up and delivery services. Originally founded in 2012, Founder Jared Overton spent nearly two years refining the technology and platform to help revolutionalize the shipping industry.

PigeonShip has created a market that has never existed, such as same day delivery, evening delivery, weekend delivery, and holiday delivery. The innovation now also allows your favorite restaurant to now deliver, with PigeonShip.

Every day millions of people are commuting, traveling, or running errands. Ironically millions of items and packages are needing to go in that very same direction. PigeonShip has capitalized on the empty space in so many vehicles. It helps people needing stuff delivered with all those vehicles already going.

The PigeonShip Classifieds platform is a break through in and of itself. This service allows buyers and sellers to use PigeonShip as the middle man; payment processing and also delivery.

Get In Touch

We care about your shipments, but we also care about your feedback so feel free to reach out to us.

PigeonShip, P.O.Box 683120, Park City, UT 64068