Driver FAQ's

What do I do if the Customer isn't Home?

First try calling the customer, leave a voicemail if possible, and wait a few minutes for a response. When all else fails, the order goes back to the store. At the store make sure to take and upload a “Drop off” picture and mark the order delivered so you’ll still be paid! If you have a second order in your car, deliver it before returning the first order to the store.

What if I need to cancel an order I’ve accepted?

If you need to cancel an order, Press the red cancel button at the bottom of the PICKUP tab. Call PigeonShip Customer Support at 1-(855)-874-4366 as soon as possible. You will incur a penalty at least equal to the amount of the order.  In certain circumstances the penalty can be reversed, such as when you are directed to put an order back by PigeonShip admin, or if you accept something accidentally and let Customer Support know right away.

When do I use the Feedback Survey?

You only need to use the Feedback survey when you have a particular issue with an order such as size or distance, or the store entered the wrong pick up time, or when leaving a store without the order after waiting 10+ minutes and also when directed by admin to give specific information. Select “Not what I expected“ and follow prompts.

How do I Find Available Deliveries?

At the top of the text link is the word PigeonShip, directly across is a box with three horizontal lines. Select that box and it will open a drop down menu. Select “Dashboard”.   In the dashboard it will show your ACTIVE deliveries (deliveries you committed yourself to), AVAILABLE deliveries (everything within your area that is available for delivery), and your DELIVERY HISTORY (info for every order you ever do).

How do I Find my Delivery History?

Past deliveries can be found on the "Dashboard" (see "How do I Find Available Deliveries?")

What if the Store isn’t ready/takes a Long Time to Bring me my Order(s)?
Be sure you press the GREEN BOX “I’ve Arrived” button when you get to the store. You need to allow the store a minimum of 10 minutes per order to bring your order out. If you can wait longer, you will receive a credit for the additional time you wait. If you need to leave to get to another store for a timely delivery, please make the ClickList Team aware of your time limitations.
Here’s what to say,
“ I have another delivery at (name of store) next I’ll need to leave here by (specify time) in order to get there on time. Ok, thank you🙂”
~If the time passes, let the store know you are leaving and press the red “Send My Location”bar. Also, make a note of the circumstances in a feedback survey.
~If you stay and wait, but the order hasn’t t been brought to you, (and you’ve waited 10+ minutes) and it’s quarter to the next hour,(for example, 10:45 in a 10-11a delivery window) the order needs to be canceled by the store, and resubmitted for a later time slot. If you can accept the resubmission, it is to your benefit. Make a note of these circumstances in a feedback survey.
How Do I get Paid?

Every time you complete delivery by marking it delivered in the system and uploading pick up and drop off pictures, the pay for the order is automatically sent into your Pigeon wallet. Open your Pigeon wallet the same as going to your Dashboard, only select Wallet from the drop down menu (under Account on Desktop). At the bottom of the list of earnings you can enter a withdrawal request of any amount up to your total available earnings. Please allow 3-5 business days for your request to be sent to your PayPal account.

What's the Pay Period?

Your withdrawal request will be processed at least within 3-5 business days.

Are Drivers W2 Employees?

Drivers are not employees and will receive a 1099 at the end of the year.

What Vehicle Space is Required for Deliveries?

Below are the relative sizes corresponding to vehicle space:

Small: Should fit within a backpack

Medium: Fits in the front seat of a car

Large: Fits in the back seat of a car

X-Large: Fits in a hatchback or SUV

Other: Fits in a pickup truck

Where can I Order a Driver Kit and Replacements?

To order a kit click here

Please note that you'll need to have created a new username and password separate from your login details.

How is my Pay Effected if I make a Late Delivery?

This has not been implemented yet, but pigeons will receive a deduction in pay for late deliveries.

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