PigeonShip is a mobile and online Delivery Service connecting local individuals (Senders) who want to send items with Commuters (Pigeons) traveling in that very direction and are willing to deliver the item for a negotiated price.

Simply log onto PigeonShip.com, create a free account in seconds and select 'Send a Package'.  Follow the simple instructions of inputting pickup and delivery details (i.e, pickup address, drop off address and timeline). It's not uncommon to receive a notification within minutes that a Pigeon is willing to deliver the item. We have finished building our app and it is in beta test as we speak!  The app will make PigeonShipping even more convenient!

A pigeon is a registered deliverer. The Pigeon has been interviewed and qualified to pickup and deliver items. Typically Pigeons are regular everyday people that happen to be commuting the same direction as your parcel or items destination.

Simply log onto PigeonShip.com and create a free account. Upon completion of the registration process, you can find a package to deliver either by entering your city or zip code or by using the interactive map. Upon activating your free account, simply follow the instructions to locate courier jobs in your local area.

Several parameters are in place to significantly reduce and eliminate interruptions and to provide a safe and enjoyable delivery service experience such as:

1) Pigeons must be approved to pick up and deliver items by the PigeonShip Approval Department.

2) Pigeons must adhere to strict guidelines, violations of which will result in immediate loss of PigeonShip privileges.

3) Each package will be associated with a unique code that only the Sender can access. The Pigeon only gets paid when the code is submitted upon delivery of item(s).

4) Senders should follow sender guidelines.

5) Pigeons will not know the contents of the package or item until pickup.

Although many parameters are set in place to reduce risk, PigeonShip does guarantee package or item insurance with our Pigeon Proof Policy. However, PigeonShip does not guarantee the actions and behavior of Pigeons and Senders. Today we live in an economy driven by peer-to-peer interactions when dealing with products and services. PigeonShip is a very socially acceptable delivery service used by many people.

Once a Sender has posted an item or parcel that gets accepted for delivery by a Pigeon, contact information will be immediately shared via SMS (text message) and E-mail. Although protocol requires the Pigeon to contact the Sender, a Sender may want to reach out to the Pigeon to expedite delivery of item.

Once a Pigeon and Sender connect, plans will be briefly discussed to arrange pickup and delivery. The Pigeon and Sender determine all details of the exchange. However, unless logistical arrangements are made in advance, the pickup and delivery locations will always default to those registered on the Sender's Profile. Furthermore, when a Sender posts an item or parcel, they will choose a 'Delivery By This Date' option in order to deliver goods at the required time. It's the Pigeons responsibility to deliver item by said date. If the Pigeon and Sender do not agree on a given time, the default delivery time will be 10:00 PM on the specified date.

If your package(s) is not delivered, then it will be necessary to involve the Pigeon Police. All jokes aside, the Pigeon Police will investigate and resolve all unsatisfactory delivery concerns.

Each time an item or package is delivered successfully, both the Pigeon and Sender will leave feedback for each other. An e-mail will remind each party to initiate the feedback proces. You will rate the other party on a star system of 1 to 5. Providing feedback is essential to build a reputation. Both Senders and Pigeons are required to maintain a minimum star rating to continue using the PigeonShip delivery service.

Nope. Anything cannot be shipped, but you didn't need us to tell you that. Common sense will be your best guide. Keep in mind, the Pigeon has the right to know what is being transported at all times. It's recommended to make the item visible to the Pigeon. As a rule of thumb, don't be dumb. Don't ship the following as it's illegal.

1) Guns or Ammo

2) Explosives

3) Gasoline

4) Money

5) Drugs of any kind: illegal and prescription.

Pigeons make money each time they pickup and deliver a parcel or item. The more you deliver, the more money you will earn. The better feedback rating, the more packages a Pigeon can transport.

Once a Pigeon has successfully completed the pickup and delivery process, their PigeonShip account will be funded and those funds will be available to withdraw at any time.

Upon activating your account for the first time, you will provide your payment details. You can keep these on file to make your future shipments more convenient. Once a Pigeon has delivered your item, your card on file will be charged the originial amount you agreed to pay. It's that easy.

A Sender can schedule the pickup and delivery times. However, the specific time will need to be negotiated between the Pigeon and Sender once a Pigeon has agreed to deliver the item(s). The majority of items will be delivered next or same day.

Pigeon drivers want you to have a great experience. This includes providing a safe and quick pickup and delivery service. However, if something slips through the cracks, PigeonShip Inc, PigeonProofs each item up to $500. If any items are damaged or lost during the courier delivery process, please contact us by calling 84-GO-PIGEON or email support@PigeonShip.com. In the case of damage, keep all packaging materials as they may need to be examined as part of the Pigeon Petitition Process.

The PigeonShip-Classifieds Process:

1. Buyer will initiate offer by filling out the online form.
2. When Buyer submits form, an offer is made to the Seller who will be notified by sms (text message) and email.
3. If Seller agrees, seller will click accept offer and immediately the PigeonShip™ process begins.  Pigeons will be notified (Pigeons are people who pick up and deliver classified items). 
4. The Pigeon to first accept to pick up and deliver the item will coordinate the pick up and drop off locations with the Buyer and Seller.
5. When Pigeon picks up the item, Pigeon will review item condition and take a picture.  When Pigeon drops off the item, Buyer can review item specifications and condition and either choose to accept the item on site "as is" or return the item.
6. If the Buyer accepts, the Pigeon will be given a 4 digit code to finalize the purchase and complete the transaction. Once the code is entered, Seller will receive payment. 
7. If the Buyer rejects the item, the Pigeon will return the item to the Seller for $5. Buyer covers the return fee.
8.  All processing is done via the PigeonShip™ platform.  In other words, Buyer will use a credit or debit card for the purchase. PigeonShip™ will do all processing of payments.  The Seller will not have access to the Buyer's credit or debit card information.

You must have a PigeonShip Sender account to place an offer on a classified ad. Click here to login or Click here to sign up for a Sender account.