Providing Delivery Drivers On Demand 

  Anytime – Anywhere – Incredibly Easy

Trusted by local and national brands  

Top reasons to start a PigeonShip local delivery business:


- The market is big and continues to grow

- Local businesses need deliveries every day

- PigeonShip can teach you how to find business

- PigeonShip can help automate the process

- PigeonShip offers credibility to jumpstart your business

- The PigeonShip model is the most efficient

- The PigeonShip model is the most cost effective.

- You'll have a comparative advantage.

Here is what you get:


- Powerful system to track all your deliveries.

- A robust platform for your customers to use.

- A systematic training for all your drivers.

- Payments processing for all drivers

- Collections from all customers

- Car decal

- Lanyards and badges for drivers

- Claims process

- Credibility 

- Pricing 

PigeonShip Benefits

Shipping Logistics

Take the stress out of variance orders and packaging items to be shipped short distances.

Cut Overhead Costs

Say goodbye to vehicle maintenance and insurance and keep employees in-house.

Transparent Pricing

Our quote tool will display the final cost — no hidden fees — based upon your desired item order.

Answer to E-Commerce

PigeonShip will bring customers their order sooner than your online competitors.

Customer Convenience

Build greater customer report and loyalty at the click of a button.

Go Green

We economically keep drivers off the road (even more if you bundle orders). Save the trip and use PigeonShip.

Do What you Love

Why spend time on the road when you can be driving business or spend time with friends and family?

API Integration

Want to integrate same-day deliveries into your website? No problem. Learn more about our API.

How it Works


Setup your account and post what you need delivered
Just enter a pickup address and drop-off address


A trained driver will assigned
You’ll get notified of estimated arrival for pickup.


Track your order and driver until drop-off.
Receive delivery confirmation and picture evidence of delivery.

Customers Love our Service

We at PigeonShip have developed the perfect solution for local, on-demand orders. You’ll love the simplicity, cost-savings and convenience of our platform. Focus on what you do best and we’ll take care of the rest.

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