I need to send a last minute gift
I forgot my passport!
I need a custom order picked up
I left my laptop at the office
I need something delivered fast
I need something...
There's a Pigeon for that.
Je dois envoyer un cadeau de dernière minute
J'ai oublié mon passeport!
J'ai besoin qu'on vienne chercher une commande personnalisée
J'ai laissé mon ordinateur portable au bureau
J'ai besoin que quelque chose soit livré rapidement
J'ai besoin de quelque chose…
Il y a un Pigeon pour ça!

Why get on the road if you don’t have to?

When you need anything picked up or delivered, PigeonShip can instantly match your requirements with vehicles that are already on the road and headed in the direction your item is going.

One of our friendly Pigeons will come directly to you (wherever you are), grab your item (whatever it is) and send you a notification (with photo confirmation) when it’s been delivered. If you choose to (and this is totally up to you), you can follow the adventures of your item in real time on any device and set custom notifications that will alert you when you want to be alerted.


And now, for 3 things everyone likes:

  1. personalized delivery service at rates that makes sense
  2. the ability to keep at least one more car off the road
  3. more time to do anything that’s NOT delivering

(Not) Actual Pigeon Ship Users

(Not) Actual Pigeon Ship Users

Why Ship With



Delivery speed is often a deciding factor when making a purchase. PigeonShip is a hyper-local same-day delivery service. Its unique model can execute a delivery in as little as one hour.


PigeonShip has the largest and most dynamic delivery fleet, but without putting more vehicles on the road. PigeonShip technology is able to source “already going there” vehicles to maximize efficiency and minimize the PigeonShip footprint. Standard packaging is not required. Save a tree. It’s free!


PigeonShip provides parties with ultimate delivery transparency. Consumers are notified when their order is picked up and can track the delivery in real-time until delivery verified delivery confirmation is made.

Customer Focused

With app-based delivery control from start to finish, customers get a unique personalized experience with every delivery. PigeonShip offers memorable, white-glove service at an affordable rate.
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