PigeonShip Training

Looking for Specific Training?

General Delivery Protocol

Looking for Specific Training?

Step one:

  • Open the PigeonShip app.
  • Go to the available delivery tab.
  • Find and accept a delivery. Tip: Double check the pick up and delivery times and locations.
  • Before leaving your home, make sure you have your name badge and flag. Flags should be put on your vehicle before you leave.
  • It is required that you have on your badge and flag for the duration of your deliveries.

Step Two:

  • Upon arrival hit the “arrived at pickup” tab on the PigeonShip app.
  • Retrieve the item and place it securely in your vehicle.
  • Take picture and upload it to “pick up images.” After the item is in your vehicle, mark items as “picked up” and “in transit.”
  • At the bottom of the page send the tracking message. Sending the tracking messages is mandatory.

Step Three:

For Home Delivery

  • Take a picture of the item on the door step, then upload the photo in the “drop off image” tab.
  • Place item on door step then ring or knock on the door to alert the customer their item has arrived.
  • Then mark item as “delivered.”
  • Once all packages are successfully delivered you will immediately have access to your earnings in your pigeon wallet. You can withdraw them at anytime.
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