How To Make a Warehouse Delivery

Step one:

  • Open the PigeonShip app.
  • Go to the available delivery tab.
  • Find and accept a delivery.  Tip: Double check the pick up and delivery times and locations. 
  • Than take a look at the Delivery ID, this ID represents the entire route, including all orders and packages.
  • Before leaving your home make sure you have your name badge and flag. Flags should be put on your vehicle before you leave.
  • It is required that you have on your badge and flag for the duration of your deliveries. 

Step Two: 

  • You will see a Pigeon sign at the entrance of the correct warehouse and additional signs directing you towards the Pigeon pick up area.
  • When you have parked your vehicle, hit the “arrived at pickup” tab on the PigeonShip app.  
  • Each warehouse will have a keyless lock. (The pin will be updated daily or weekly and only accessible between pick up hours).
  • Enter the building in the Pigeon pick up zone.

    Step Three: 

    • Locate each package assigned to you.
    •  Each of your packages will have a large unique shipping number found on the label of the package, as well as in the app. This number is called the quick ID, it allows you to quickly identify your packages from a distance.  It should be the first number you look at when identifying a package.
    • Open app and hit scan packages. 
    • After scanning put the package to the side. 
    • Take a picture of your package bundle in the warehouse and also the individual packages in your vehicle with the label facing the camera. Upload those to “pick up images.”
    • After packages are in your vehicle mark items as “picked up” and “in transit”.
    • At the bottom of the app page send the tracking message. Sending the tracking messages is mandatory.

      Step Four: 

      For home:

      • When you arrive at a home, check the order ID to make sure you have all the packages for that delivery. The Order ID represents all the packages in the order.   Each package will also have a Package ID that represents an individual package. 
      • Scan the package. 
      • Take a picture of the package on the door step, then upload the photo in the “drop off image” tab.
      • Place package on door step then ring or knock on the door to alert the customer their package has arrived. 
      • Then mark item as “delivered.”
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