How it works

PigeonShip What?


Pretty much anything you want. PigeonShip allows you to conveniently send parcels by connecting you with someone already travelling in that same direction - called Pigeons. No boxing. No taping. Simple hassle-free pick-up and delivery service.

Avoid The Trip!


You have better things to do with your time then to look for delivery services or stand in line at the post office. Have you ever wanted to buy an item off classifieds but didn't want to go pick it up? Use our quick delivery service and Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip!



Did you ever spend time looking for a convenient and reliable same day delivery service? Remember that time you arrived to work only to realize you forgot your notebook that you needed by 2 P.M. Have a reliable Pigeon pick up and deliver your item or parcel - anytime anyplace.

Meet Fellow PigeonShip Users


I'm not sure if courier delivery service will ever be the same. I can't believe I was able to buy a chair off classifieds and use PigeonShip as a delivery service - a convenient pick up and delivery service. The cost of my parcel delivery was ridiculously low since the Pigeon was headed in my direction anyway. Moreover, the delivery service was reliable as the Pigeon only transported my item.


My name is Seth and I have been commuting 1 hour to and from work each day for nearly 15 years. PigeonShip provides me with courier jobs on my way to work, allowing me to cut off on my travel expense. The extra income adds up fast. PigeonShip has been a great blessing to me and my family.

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