About PigeonShip: Peer to Peer Delivery Service

You get to work at the other end of the city, on a busy morning, and you realize that you forgot your laptop (your work computer) at home.

Not a very good way to start the day.

Will you drive those 20 traffic congested miles each way again just to get your laptop? What will you spent on gas, not to mention your time, to get that laptop?

PigeonShip is the brilliant solution to this not so unique problem. PigeonShip connects senders who are looking for a fast, cheap and reliable delivery service, with Pigeons who want to make a little cash on their drive. We are the first pickup and delivery service that offers faster, smarter and hassle-free item or package delivery. Any size and at any time.


Avoid the Trip, PigeonShip Process of peer to peer delivery service



PigeonShip is a smarter way to send, pick up, or ship items. Get anything white-glove delivered to your doorstep for a minimal delivery price by a Pigeon- a qualified person traveling the same route on a daily basis. Now get that laptop delivered much cheaper and faster than any other shipping service. PigeonShip makes your daily delivery needs as easy as it sounds. The concept brings local people together and provides benefits for everyone. Our friendly couriers are willing to pickup and deliver items. It may sound like a courier or delivery service for just packages and parcels, but don’t be fooled. You can PigeonShip unboxed and unwrapped items, like golf clubs, a surf board or a wedding cake. Our Pigeons typically have careers and jobs outside of PigeonShip™. These Pigeons simply pick up and deliver items while commuting or running errands. Notice I said ‘items’, and not just packages and parcels. PigeonShip™ does not require packaging like the typical postal services do. For this reason, people are flocking to use the service.


Our current PigeonFlock consists of teachers, contractors, students, assistants, lawyers, programmers and more. Moms drop off their kids at school and pick up and deliver items on their way back home, making extra money. You can be a Pigeon too, just Sign Up. I invite you to support PigeonShip and our Local Pigeons. Meanwhile, enjoy the convenience and save a bundle of money utilizing empty space in vehicles.


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Founder Jared Overton on KSL 


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